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Grammarly for Mac
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Looking for Grammarly for Mac? If yes, then here you are at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to know more about the Grammarly for Mac. I think you might be aware of the Grammarly already. Millions of relying on the Grammarly every day to correct Grammarly mistakes in their document, message or whatever they write.

Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Kyiv. The good thing about Grammarly is that it is available for free and anybody can access the Grammarly via their Mobile Phone, PC, Windows or whatever device they’ve got.

There are limited features in the free version but if you are purchasing the Grammarly Premium Subscription then you will have access to all the features such as plagiarism checker etc. If you are planning to buy Grammarly Premium subscription then you can grab some Grammarly Discount on your purchase.

Grammarly for Mac

How does Grammarly Work?

If you’ve never used the Grammarly then you might be wondering that how does Grammarly actually works? If you are using the Grammarly on your Mac then whenever you write a document or content then Grammarly will automatically check for Grammatical Error, Punctuation Error, Spelling Error, Word Choice and lot more.

Once it identifies the error in your document then it will highlight the text which has the error in it after that you will be shown proper suggestions and you can fix the error easily. You can fix the Grammatical errors even in the free version. You don’t have to purchase the premium subscription to fix the Grammatical errors.

What is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium is a paid subscription of Grammarly in which you get access to all the features of Grammarly. Grammarly has various plans available you can purchase the plan according to your needs. Once you purchase the premium subscription then you will have access to over 400 types of checks and features.

Grammarly for Mac

If your most of writing work is done in the Browser then there is no need to download the Grammarly Application separately as Grammarly is already available for the Browsers in the form of Add-on and you can simply install the extension on your browser which will work much better than the native app.

Today I was working on of my document and wanted to download the Grammarly word Addon for the Mac. But unfortunately, Grammarly Addon is available only for the Windows. Then I got to know about their app for Mac.

Application of Grammarly for Mac is cloud-based desktop application which will sync all your documents with the Grammarly web application. Desktop application also supports the Drag & Drop feature which helps you in dragging your document from other application to the Grammarly directly.

Before using the Grammarly application for Mac you have to create an account on the Grammarly website. If you already have the account of Grammarly then you can use your existing account too. You can use one account of Grammarly on various platforms such as Mobile, Windows, Mac etc.

Download Grammarly for Mac

You have to download the Grammarly native application for Mac and then install that manually on your system. You can download the Grammarly Native application for Mac from the official website of Grammarly or here. Once you have downloaded the application follow the instructions and complete the installation process. Once you have downloaded and installed the app then login to your account and enjoy Grammarly features on your Mac too.


Have you used the Grammarly before? What are your thoughts regarding Grammarly? Let us know your views about Grammarly in the comments section below.

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