How to Improve the Speed of Your Android Phone

How to improve the speed of your Android Phone:
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Life of your device’s battery is one of the biggest challenge faced by the common users. The cellphone of today has changed drastically to what it was a decade ago but the extra added features ensure the battery runs out quicker than a Symbian phone. Since now it is the time for smartphone devices, there is no going back to the old technology as one only switches if the other feature offers something better than the current technology.

In most of the cases, the speed of your devices diminishes only because of the extra apps, features etc. installed on your device that you do not even use. Your phone with or without permission ends up containing a pile of junk of that only rarely comes into your use but decreases the overall performance of your device. How to control it? Read on as we’ve compiled a list of tips/tricks that could help you in avoiding the process of ‘slow death’ of your smartphone.

How to improve the speed of your Android Phone:

Get rid of apps that you no longer use:

Mobile Apps are important, no doubt in that but installing useless apps and not deleting them on dissatisfaction is the very first step of mobile reaching the end of its life cycle. To check your apps, go to settings and tap on storage. Doing so would show the space consumed by the different categories like misc. files, phone system, apps, pictures, and videos etc. in here, you need to tap on the ‘apps’ option and delete or force stop the apps that you do not use at all. You can also eliminate them through Google Play.

Delete live wallpapers and widgets:

No doubt live wallpapers and widgets make your screen look a lot more attractive than the average screen but on the back end, it asks your device to run a lot faster and hence, get tired even quicker. In case if your phone is solid enough, don’t bother. But if you’re facing your phone turning into an old man who cannot process things faster anymore and prevents you from being productive, delete them widgets.

Regular updates:

Your phone needs to be updated after regular intervals. Sometimes, the updates are automatically presented to you but if not, then you have to manually check the latest available updates through the ‘system update’ option located in the same settings tab. The time in which the update gets installed totally depends upon the size of the update which in most cases isn’t shown to the user.

Use the cloud:

In most of the cases, users find their devices being too slow due to the fact that they’re running out of storage space. The users find themselves in the state of dilemma as the data is important to them but on the other hand, they cannot get the most out of their device as it’s too slow. Solution? Cloud backup. Upload and backup your data on the secure cloud and flash your device to make it as good as new. Once done, only take the files or folders that are necessary for you to use at the moment and let the rest of the data stay in the cloud. Doing so would help you get rid of all the viruses and malware where your device would run like as good as new.


To keep your phone in steady speed, you need to make sure your device isn’t running out of storage space. Your device needs an ample amount of space to run and process things accordingly which if not present, makes you suffer. Try a few of these tips as mentioned above and see the difference with your very own eyes.

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