How to Manage All Emails at One Place

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Do you find managing emails a tough task? Are you messed up with found email statuses? Then you must have not interacted with the email tracker tool of Snovio. You must be wondering what an email tracking tool Snovio has created. Let’s see what is this.


What is an email tracking tool?

An email tracking tool is a weapon that can dig out any information about the current status of the sent email. Simply the names define the work of the tool that this tool helps to track email. Now you may have understood how it can help you manage emails.

What new Snovio has brought with its email tracker tool?

Snovio has come up with an email tracker. You can track the email of multiple email IDs with this tool of email tracker. You can also control the tracking of emails according to email ID either you can pause it or either you can continue the tracking.

This tool crafted by Snovio keeps your information secret. You can get relaxed after signing up your email and joining it with email tracker tool. The tool will complete all the work but will not let anyone know you are tracking the sent emails.

This email tracking tool is consumed little memory and also completes the work without disturbing other processes. You can definitely do any other work while this tool is doing everything it is supposed to.

This tool delivers on-time results. That means this tool will notify you whenever there is a movement with the email. You will get to know either the email has been opened and read or any link has been clicked or not. The tool always keeps updating itself and deliver your real-time notifications. So that you can take the further step immediately.

How can you enjoy the email tracking tool?

  • Downloading the chrome extension of the email tracking tool will be your first and the most important work.
  • Once you have added Snovio email tracker in the Chrome browser, you can start the email tracking process.
  • But before that, you need to set the email id of which you want to track emails.
  • You need to activate the tracking of specific email IDs. Then you can control it’s activation and stop.
  • Once the process is continuing you can enjoy being notified with the latest move of every email.

What do you think of this tool? Isn’t it amazing? You can make half the work done by this tool only. Snovio also offers other email management tools but the importance of email tracking tool cannot be compared to any other tool. Every tool has its own significance and you have all the rights to enjoy every tool you need. This email tracking tool has been specially crafted for the office work where you may have to deal with hundreds of emails every day.

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